WaterBoss Water Softener 950 Review

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The WaterBoss Water Softener 950 is whole house water softener system specially designed for use with municipal water supplies. It uses a maintenance free sediment and dirt filter to soften the water and a self cleaning charcoal filter to remove the taste and odor of chlorine normally found in city water. The compact design of this unit makes it perfectly suited for large or small homes. It is capable of removing 35 grains of hardness for every gallon it filters.

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The WaterBoss 950 is compact system designed to work perfect with most municipal water systems. It is classified as a whole house water softener and filter system. As compared to most of the retail water softener systems, it uses much less water during the filtering process. This helps to save you money compared to the other systems.

WaterBoss 950 Water Softener Features

  • Easy to install and maintain with it’s compact design
  • Softener is designed to use less water than any other retail water softener
  • Patented maintenance-free sediment and dirt filter
  • Built-in self-cleaning charcoal filter
  • Removes up to 35 grains of hardness per gallon
  • 22,000 grain capacity and programmable with LCD display
  • 19 (L) x 15 (W) x 31 (H) inches and weights 106 pounds

The patented multiple material filter system not only softens the water but it also removes the taste and odor of chlorine found in most municipal water supplies. Its unique design includes maintenance free dirt and sediment filters along with a special self-cleaning charcoal filter.

Despite its compact size (19”L X 15”W X 31”H) it is a very capable unit. It can remove up to 35 grains of hardness for every gallon it filters. At the same time it uses less water in the filtering process as compared to most other of the retail systems on the market.

Periodically the WaterBoss residential water softener 950 will need to go through a system regeneration process. During this 19-minute procedure it uses an extra 15 gallons of water and 2.5 pounds of salt. Once this regeneration process is complete it will be back in full operation.

WaterBoss 950 Review

After going through the only review posted online for the WaterBoss water softener 950 it was clear that it delivered as advertised by the manufacturer.  According to the reviewer it has to be the best water softener that they have used. They also pointed out that the extra level of filtering that removes the chlorine added by most municipal water systems really makes for better tasting water.

When looking at other websites every review found was extremely positive, it’s why it received a perfect 5.0 stars. Most real life customers have been delighted with this model.

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Based on the comments from reviewers, it would seem that this product is great for its purpose. We would highly recommend the WaterBoss 950 water softener system to anyone needing this type of electronic water softener.

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