NuvoH2O Home Complete Salt Free Water Softening System Review

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The NuvoH2O Home Complete Salt Free Water Softening System is an innovation in water softener systems. The way in which it achieves the softening of your water is a process in which has a patent pending. With this system you no longer have to constantly fill a tank with salt pellets like other systems. Its compact size makes it perfect for condos and apartments, which normally don’t have a lot of extra space for a complicated water softener system.

Imagine having softer water in your apartment of condo and not have to lug around bags of salt. If this interests you, then you need the Nuvo H20. It is an innovation that reduces the PH level in water without having to add salt. Since it does not require salt pellets, you do not need the bulky tank that used to take up so much space.

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The process in which it works is called Chelation and they have a patent pending on the design. Most hard water in your home comes from the metal ions in the water; mostly calcium and magnesium. The Chelation process uses an agent that bonds to the magnesium and calcium ions, which keeps the minerals soluble. So they can not cause the hard water issues.

NuvoH2O Salt Free Water Softener Features

  • No electricity, no salt, no tanks, no magnets and no waste water
  • FDA and NSF approved components for healthy living
  • Great for apartments, condos and buildings with limited spaces
  • Removes existing scale from water heater, pipes and appliances
  • 5″ wide x 24″ long and weights only 12 pounds
  • 90 days money back guarantee and lifetime warranty

This system developed from 30 years of experience working with hard water and once you start using this system you will begin to reverse the damage to your pipes, hot water heater and all your fixtures. The water used for bathing, cooking and even watering your outside plants and lawn will be much healthier.

A single NuvoH2O home water softener system can treat all of the water without salt throughout any home from 1100 to 2000 square feet. It can treat 45,000 gallons of water every six months. This is about how much a family of 4 uses. To ensure you are happy with the system you can try it out for 90 days and return it if you are not happy. It also has a lifetime warranty against failure.

NuvoH2O Review

After reading through many of the user reviews posted online for the NuvoH2O salt free water softener it is apparent that the majority of the reviewers were very happy with this product. One of the customers was all set to dislike the product and yet the opposite happened. According to them it was an awesome water softener. Another reviewer was blown away by how it made their skin feel after just a short period of time using it. Other reviewers backed up the claim made by the manufacturer that by using their system it will reverse the effects of the hard water in your pipes.

However, not all the comments that were posted about this water softener were positive. A couple reviewers were not a happy with it. One reviewer did not seem to see any reduction of hardness in their water. Another reviewer continued to see hard water stains on their dishes after washing them. The positive comments far out weigh the negatives and this is evident by the averaging rating of 4 stars on from the 67 reviewers. Click here to read these reviews and Save $91.85 on Amazon for a Limit Time Only.

I hope my water softener reviews has been helpful in your decision to purchase this NuvoH2O Home Complete Salt Free Water Softening System and if you do decide to get this one I know you won’t be sorry. Click here to check it out.

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