EWS 1354 Whole House Water Softener or Conditioner Review

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The EWS 1354 whole house water softener or conditioner is a whole house water softening and filtration system. It does not use ion exchange resin or salt in its process of softening or filtering out chlorine. You will have the benefit of fresh and clean drinking water at every faucet in the house. After you install this system in your house you will immediately start seeing the reversal of the scaling on your fixtures and water heater. Very little maintenance will be necessary for the system but you will need to service it only once every 8-10 years.

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The EWS 1354 home filtration system is the leading whole house water softener and filter system in the country. It will provide your entire house including faucets, hot water tank and dishwasher with clean filtered water. You will begin to notice the benefits of clean and clear water almost immediately. It will eliminate the need for bottled water in your home.

EWS 1354 No Salt Water Softener Features

  • One million gallons – no salt bags, no resin, no hassles!
  • Removes chlorine, VOC’s and eliminates the need for bottled water
  • Actively inhibits scale formation in water heaters and pipes without the poor taste and corrosivity
  • Easier clean-up of water spots, better use of soaps
  • Service the EWS once every 8-10 years
  • Years of maintenance free operation

It does not use salt or exchange resin like many of the other water softening systems on the market. The EWS 1354 use a catalytic process called Increased Calcite Nucleation or ICN. This process puts the minerals that cause hardness in a suspension so they cannot cause the hard water problem you were experiencing. Before the water reaches the ICN it passes through an activated carbon filter that removes sediment and chemicals so they cannot damage the ICN filter.

The 1354 softener system uses a granular activated carbon type filter media. This will be responsible for removing the chlorine, chloramine and volitile organic compounds. These are what cause a major part of the damage to your fixtures and to you. EWS uses only the highest quality materials in their water softener systems to ensure that they give you years and years of great tasting and clean water.

Along with removing the harmful chlorine and VOC’s in your drinking water the EWS 1354 system will also soften water by 15 grains per gallon of water that passes through it. The filters will not need to be replaced for 8-10 years or up to 1 million gallons of water has passed through its filter media.

EWS 1354 Whole House Filtration System Review

After researching online for reviews and comments about the EWS 1354 saltless water softener.  I was only able to find a few words posted regarding this water softener system. The reviewers had mostly positive comments about this product. The reviewer really loved the taste and clarity of their water after having it installed. They have been dealing with plenty of issues with hard water stains and all throughout their home. After having it installed these conditions started clearing up and they didn’t return.

The only other comment was that it was a bit expensive and that has to be taken into consideration. They gave it a full 5 star rating and that seems to be consistent with what the manufacture claimed.

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I hope my EWS 1354 whole house water conditioner review has helped you with your decision to purchase your dream water softener. I can honestly say that anyone who does buy this water softener will absolutely love it. Click here to check it out.

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Skeptic November 16th, 2011 (#)

It is *impossible* to find any independent information about the EWS units. I am very skeptical about spending money on a unit that you can’t find a review for!

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