Morton System Saver Water Softener Msd34c Review

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The Morton System Saver water softener is whole house water softener system that uses the ion exchange technology to soften the hard water in your home. It is a fully contained system that includes a do-it-yourself installation. You and your family will immediately start to see the benefits of softer water; clearer, great tasting water, hard water buildup on fixtures will clear up. It includes their patented Look Ahead technology that learns your water usage to adjust how it operates.

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The System Saver water softener system uses ion exchange technology which is the most common . Ion Exchange system works by exchanging the hard water ions with software water ions. The majority of hard water ions are made up mostly of magnesium and calcium. These ions are replaced soft water ions like sodium. The ion exchange is handled by passing the hard water through a chamber containing tiny resin beads.

Morton Msd34c Water Softener Features

  • 34,000 grain water softening unit
  • Compact design saves space and easy to install
  • Highly efficient water softener with patented Look Ahead technology
  • Comes with bypass valve and free technical support
  • 18.2 x 13.2 x 48 inches and weights 91 pounds

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The system is fully self-contained in single unit and it includes everything needed to install it, including a step-by-installation guide. Unlike other systems that require you to hire a qualified plumber to install, the morton water filtration system can be installed by anyone.

The morton system saver uses a patented technology called “Look Ahead” to learn the water usage patterns so it can figure out how much soft water is necessary. It will help you save salt and water as it only regenerates the resin beads and salt only when necessary.

You and your family will enjoy the resulting soft water, which looks clearer and tastes much better. Your clothes will look much brighter thanks to the detergent being able to clean much better. Your skin will no longer be dry and irritated from the hard water. The softer water will also rejuvenate the appliances and fixtures in your house from the years of hard water.

Morton System Saver Water Softener Review

After looking all over online I was only able to find a couple reviews posted for the morton msd34c water filter and they had only positive things to say about this system. One of them was really impressed with how easy it was to install (had it installed in 1 hour). Another reviewer loves the Look Ahead feature that monitors and adjusts to their families water usage. I was not able to find a single negative comment posted anywhere for the water softening system. As a matter of fact it averaged 5 stars rating on

Our research into the Morton System Saver water softener msd34c turned up a lot of very positive reviews. Nearly every review we were able to find online gave this water softener is a five star rating. I can honestly say that anyone who does buy this water softener will absolutely love it. Click here to check it out.

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