Metered 48000 Grain Water Softener with Autotrol 255 Valve Review

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The Metered 48000 grain water softener with Autotrol 255 valve system is a whole house water softener system that uses the ion exchange resin technology. It incorporates numerous other features like the Autorol 255 valve, newly released Logix controller, justĀ  to name a few. To help move the ion exchange resin during the regeneration phase a Turbulator type distributor was incorporated to handle the chore. In a two-tank system like this the brine tank and ion exchange resin tanks are in separate tanks.

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The Metered 48000 grain iron water softener is designed to hook up to your house water coming in and then it delivers clean and clear water to all of your faucets, hot water heater and dishwasher. It is two tank system that will remove the minerals that cause the hardness in the water and filer system that removes all of the other impurities that cause the bad taste, odor and other issues.

48000 Grain Water Softener Features

  • 1.5 ft3 Ionac C-249 ion exchange resin
  • Turbulator type distributor
  • By-pass valve with 3/4″ copper connections
  • 18″ diameter x 33″ brine tank with grid and float assembly
  • Flat $30 shipping charge within the continental US

The water is softened by using Ion Exchange Resin and it uses a tank which contains 1.5ft3 of a high quality material called C-249 ion exchange resin (from the Bayer Corporation). This material interacts with water and it removes the minerals that cause the hardness in your water. The autotrol water softener is controlled by a microprocessor on top of the tank.

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The second part of the residential water softener is a separate and smaller tank that contains the salt brine mixture. The tanks are made of a poly lined and fiberglass reinforced material. The tank is filled with salt pellets and there is a grid system installed at the bottom of the tank to help prevent salt bridging (salt pellets stick together) from too much water coming in contact with the salt pellets.

A unique feature of the autotrol 255 water softener is its Logix controller. It can be remote operated thanks to its design. The control faceplate can be located up to 50 feet away from the system. So you can place it in your utility room and program the system and leave it alone.

Metered 48000 Grain Autotrol Water Softener Review

After researching online for reviews posted for the 48000 metered water softener, we found one review posted and they gave it high praise. The reviewer was very pleased with their experience so far. The water coming out of their faucets is great tasting and no noticeable odors. They received the unit and it arrived in four separate boxes and they got it installed without much trouble. They had no negative comments and that is definitely consistent with the average 5 star rating from the reviewers on

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